I discovered Yoga in 2000 at the urging of my chiropractor, to whom I am forever grateful. As I carefully learned the poses to work through the imbalances in my spine, I realized the powerful healing that was happening in other areas of my life. From creating freedom in my range of motion and relieving the pain in my low back to discovering the intense desire to clean out my closets, I had found a new sense of awareness. I was able to conquer the fear I had in challenging Yoga poses that was symbolic of the fear that I carried in my life. By tuning in to my inner dialog, old thought processes that were no longer useful to me began to disappear. My posture improved as my self-confidence grew and life became much less stressful.  

Cindy Caperton

My desire to become a certified teacher led me to The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara in 2009. For me, Yoga is an expression of creativity and self discovery. My personal Yoga journey continues through ongoing study and personal practice to keep a fresh attitude of exploration that I bring to my teaching.
I returned to The White Lotus Foundation to continue my studies in Thai Yoga Therapy. The roots of this ancient healing art lie in the teachings of yoga and promote the natural healing process through deep relaxation, maintaining flexibility and balancing the energy of the body.
The completion of my 500 hour Yoga Therapy certification at Priya Yoga in Dallas allows me the ability to guide students into deeper healing of body, mind & spirit. In private yoga sessions, designed specifically to each individuals needs, there are many benefits including improvement to limited range of motion, posture & alignment. Through the language of the body, we can begin to understand the origins of the stress and tension that create these limitations.
Yoga has always been a source of healing for me and that is why I am so passionate about sharing it with others. Through Yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy, it is my desire to help others create a happier, healthier and more balanced life. It is my belief that we begin to create healing from within by connecting body, mind and breath in the moving meditation of Yoga. I am inspired every day by those I guide through their Yoga practice.


May all beings be happy & free.



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